Thursday, July 19, 2012

5.11: Stryke Pant Flex-Tac pants

5.11®'s most popular pants, 5.11 Stryke™ Pants are what all other tactical pants want to be. Made from our patented two- way Flex-Tac® mechanical stretch fabric, with a fully gusseted crotch, self- adjusting tunnel waistband, and articulated knees, 5.11 Stryke™ Pants offer the superior range of motion necessary for active work. Built to last and blend in, these pants feature 12 smart pockets, including double- deep reinforced cargo pockets and front pockets sized for your everyday tactical carry items.

Style# 74369. Product page
• 4.84 oz. Flex-Tac® ripstop fabric - polyester 35% / cotton 65%. Teflon® finish
• Self- adjusting tunnel waistband. Gusseted construction. Articulated knees (kneepad ready - inside inseam)
• Bartacking at major seams and stress points
• Extra pockets sized for tactical use. 12 pockets, including double- deep cargo pockets
• Rinse washed
• YKK® zippers. Prym® snaps
Color: Khaki (055)

Код Продукта: 74369. Страница продукта
Цвет - хаки.
• Новая стретч ткань из износостойкого стретч-материала Flex-Tac™, который был создан по рекомендациям сотрудников PMC и US Military Operators.
• Ткань Flex-Tac™ делает брюки легкими, дышащими, прочными и устойчивыми к выгоранию.
• Комфортные саморегулирующиеся петли для ремня.
• Быстрый доступ, низкопрофильный угловые карманы.
• Оригинальные молнии YKK® и защелки Prym®.
• Двойная ткань на колене с объемным карманом

Куплено в Арсенале, в Минске, Беларусь

Sunday, July 1, 2012

5.11 Tactical 6.6 Molle Medic Pouch

5.11 Tactical 6.6 Molle Medic Pouch
Style# 52029. Product page
The 6.6 Medic Pouch meshes seamlessly with 5.11® bags, packs, and duffels, providing a quick and efficient first aid solution for any application or environment.
5.11 SlickStick®/Molle Medic Pouch
Integrates with 5.11® Bags, packs, and duffels
Internal mesh pockets sized for EMT gear
Material: N500D
Universal web platform compatibility. Molded zipper grip
6.25” H x 6.25” L x 4.25” D main compartment
166 cubic inch / 3 liter total capacity
First aid cross at front. YKK® zipper hardware

5.11: 6.6 медицинский подсумок

Код Продукта: 58715
Цвет - черный.
Крепление - Molle
Куплено в Арсенале, в Минске, Беларусь